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무엇이 GuilderFi 를 특별하게 만드는가?

팀 멤버 또는 토큰 감사가 없습니다

해당 서비스의 창업자들과 멤버들은 대중들과 함께 사전판매에 참여할 것입니다.

LP Locked For 5 Years

60% of the presale proceeds will be added as LP tokens and locked for a minimum 5 Years and decided by the DAO from Year 6 onwards.

Multiple Revenue Streams

In addition to the buy and sell taxes when $N1 is traded, GuilderFi has an extensive roadmap to develop additional protocols to support the ongoing APY schedule.

Automated Token Buy Back & Burns

Trustless and decentralized. GuilderFi's Liquidity Relief Fund will automatically buy and sell $N1 tokens to maintain a fully backed token price.

#안전한 퇴장 (SafeExit) 자본 보호

#SafeExit is an industry first circuit breaker which offers a 6.25% risk premium on the principal amount invested.

Aggressive Token Burning Schedule

32.14% of the token supply will be permanently removed from circulation including any rebase rewards received by the marketing and legal reserves.

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향후 365일 동안 재정 관리

Grow 1,000 N1 토큰을 1,111,888로 키울 수 있도록 누군가에게 도전하세요

Receive a fixed interest rate of 0.016% every 12 mins or 1.9419% daily. The final token balance of 1,111,888 $N1 requires a continuous holding period of 365 days and does not take into account the participation fees on buy and sell orders.

Fair Launch Event is Now LIVE

#안전한출구 자본 보호 프로그램을 포함한 많은 이점을 위해 사전 판매 기간 동안 $N1을 구매할 수 있는 기회를 놓치지 마세요.


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GuilderFi 뉴스

GuilderFi Press Release

Guilderfi Releases a New Blockchain Protocol that is Set to Transform the Crypto Industry

GuilderFi 뉴스

$N1 Tokenomics Design

$N1 is an ERC-20 token built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is the native governance and utility token of the GuilderFi Network. It has an elastic token supply which is programmed to contract and expand within its fixed upper bound limit.