GuilderFi offers a number of unique safety features that are designed to prevent runs on the treasury due to price instability or extreme market events. Some of these features include:

  • 팀 멤버 또는 토큰 감사가 없습니다 해당 서비스의 창업자들과 멤버들은 대중들과 함께 사전판매에 참여할 것입니다.
  • LP Locked For 5 Years 60% of the presale proceeds will be added as LP tokens and locked for a minimum 5 Years and decided by the DAO from Year 6 onwards.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams In addition to the buy and sell taxes when $N1 is traded, GuilderFi has an extensive roadmap to develop additional protocols to support the ongoing APY schedule.
  • Automated Token Buy-Back & Burns Trustless and decentralized. GuilderFi’s Liquidity Relief Fund will automatically buy and sell $N1 tokens to maintain a fully backed token price.
  • #안전한 퇴장 (SafeExit) 자본 보호 #SafeExit is an industry first circuit breaker which offers a 6.25% risk premium on the principal amount invested.
  • Aggressive Token Burning Schedule 32.14% of the token supply will be permanently removed from circulation including any rebase rewards received by the marketing and legal reserves.

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Airdrop to Support Victim’s of Wonderland & UniV

GuilderFi has pledged to airdrop 1% or 1,000,000 $N1 tokens of its initial token supply to support the victims of Wonderland who experienced a financial loss from the scandals relating to one of their co-founders. Read more.

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