GuilderFi Tokenomics

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$N1 Tokenomics

GuilderFi Tokenomics -

$n1 Tokenomics

A breakdown of $N1 token trading fees

Buy Fees

  • 5% Automated Token Buy-Back & Burns
  • 5% Auto-Liquidity Engine
  • 3% Treasury


  • Fixed Annual APY Schedule
  • Interest Paid Every 12 Minutes
  • Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding
  • Automated Token Buy-Back & Burns
  • Token Insurance with #SafeExit NFTs

Sell Fees

  • 7% Automated Token Buy-Back & Burns
  • 6% Auto-Liquidity Engine
  • 4% Treasury
  • 1% #SafeExit Fund

How GuilderFi works

Truly Decentralized Token Buy-Backs

The Backed Intrinsic Value tracks the level of treasury reserves in relation to the $N1 price and number of circulating tokens. The token buy-back function is fully decentralized and relies on the Liquidity Relief Fund (LRF) to maintain the intrinsic value of all outstanding tokens.

Liquidity Relief Fund (LRF)

The LRF is a special treasury fund dedicated to automated token buy-back and burns of the $N1 token. 

If the token price falls below the BBP, the LRF will deploy its capital reserves to perform token buy backs on the open market to restore its intrinsic value. No more waiting around or relying on humans to act when most needed.

Aggressive Token Burning Schedule

In addition to the 50% YoY reduction of the high APY, 32.14% of the $N1 token supply will be permanently removed from circulation to further offset the inflationary impact on the token price. 

Tokens accumulated through rewards by the strategic, marketing and legal reserves will be permanently removed from circulation,  effectively removing 47% of the $N1 supply whilst creating a significant whale wallet which will absorb the majority of inflationary pressure over its lifespan through each token burning event.

Liquidity Locked for a Minimum 5 Years

60% of the funds raised from the pre launch will go directly into creating a liquidity pool on our chosen DEX to open trading for the $BNB/$N1 token pair. The entirety of this liquidity will be locked for 5 years and subject to review every 12 months from Year 6 onwards, determining whether liquidity will be added or removed, as per the annual vote of its DAO members.

Muliple Revenue Streams

Token Swaps – 13% Buy orders,  18% Sell orders (Presale purchases and SafeExit redemptions are tax exempt and receive maximum benefit in rewards)

NFT Marketplace – 3% of sale revenues in perpetuity

GuilderDex – 50% of all revenue generated on non-$N1 token swaps,   fees collected by the protocol in $N1 tokens will be automatically burnt and removed from circulation 

GuilderBank – 95% of the revenue generated from the issuance of discounted bonds

Merchandise – 50% of all sale proceeds will go towards token buy-back and burns


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Enjoy Zero Gas Fees

Enjoy zero transactional costs with Staking 2.0

Since there's no need to stake/re-stake, approve transactions or claim rewards, you can simply set and forget whilst GuilderFi takes care of the rest, behind the scenes.

Community WL & Token Pre Sale Event - Mid June 2022

Don't miss out on your opportunity to purchase $N1 during the presale for many perks including your very own #SafeExit NFT. A minimum purchase of 0.5 BNB is required to be eligible for a free mint of #SafeExit NFT. Minimum presale purchase is 0.25 BNB.