$N1 Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule

GuilderFi Tokenomics

$N1 is an ERC-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain Network and is the native governance and utility token of the GuilderFi Network. It has an elastic token supply which is programmed to contract and expand within its fixed upper bound limit.

In addition to the token being used for the purpose of staking in GuilderFi, the $N1 token offers the following utility:

  • Use in the tokenomics of all future protocols released by the Guilder Network.
  • As a Multi-chain token with the implementation of the ETH and AVAX bridge during M3 with no additional token issuance.
  • As a Liquidity-as-a-service (LaaS) token in GDex’s Single-Sided Liquidity Pools to facilitate Single-Sided Token Deposit
  • For Discounted Fees within all of GuilderFi’s protocols wherever applicable.
  • Issuance of bonds by GBank and sold to users at a discount to create additional revenue for the network and also to sustain sufficient liquidity across all of its trading pools.

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