GuilderFi offers a number of unique safety features that are designed to prevent runs on the treasury due to price instability or extreme market events. Some of these features include:

  • Không có thành viên nhóm hoặc cố vấn token Quy tắc Khởi đầu Công bằng áp dụng các quy tắc giống nhau cho tất cả mọi người để nhận được token $NPlus1.
  • LP Locked For 5 Years 60% of the presale proceeds will be added as LP tokens and locked for a minimum 5 Years and decided by the DAO from Year 6 onwards.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams In addition to the buy and sell taxes when $N1 is traded, GuilderFi has an extensive roadmap to develop additional protocols to support the ongoing APY schedule.
  • Automated Token Buy-Back & Burns Trustless and decentralized. GuilderFi’s Liquidity Relief Fund will automatically buy and sell $N1 tokens to maintain a fully backed token price.
  • #SafeExit Bảo vệ Vốn #SafeExit is an industry first circuit breaker which offers a 6.25% risk premium on the principal amount invested.
  • Aggressive Token Burning Schedule 32.14% of the token supply will be permanently removed from circulation including any rebase rewards received by the marketing and legal reserves.

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Airdrop to Support Victim’s of Wonderland & UniV

GuilderFi has pledged to airdrop 1% or 1,000,000 $N1 tokens of its initial token supply to support the victims of Wonderland who experienced a financial loss from the scandals relating to one of their co-founders. Read more.

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