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150 Years of Combined Team Experience

GuilderFi is a FinTech company with specialists in the field of blockchain development; banking, legal and finance; IT; sales and marketing; and design. Thus, we are well-equipped to deal with the fast-paced challenges and opportunities presented by today’s web 3.0.

Our passion is driven by the incentive of sharing incredible opportunities with people from all walks of life, from all around the world, who are willing to try something new with an open mind. Something that could potentially be life-changing, but not financially destructive. 

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The GuilderFi Round Table


Co-Founder and Team Leader

Chris has been a crypto enthusiast since 2017 with a background in advertising and e-commerce prior to finding his passion in crypto. He finds himself fascinated by the tech emerging out of DeFi. He is also a trader highly proficient in technical analysis skills, gained from over 20,000 hours of chart time. Chris currently serves at the Portfolio Manager at Cutting Edge Capital, a boutique hedge fund and also the founder and co-founder of a number of successful business ventures through his investment vehicle C.J. Ho Holdings, a private company with a growing portfolio of entities.


Co-Founder & Lead software engineer

Adrian is a highly qualified, senior software engineer and IT consultant with over a decade of experience in scaling large infrastructure and network systems for Public and Private institutions including Government as well as Fortune 50 companies. He enjoys playing texas-holdem poker in his downtime when he's not policing his new, energetic children. Adrian's kids play a meaningful role in his life and provide the motivation for him to be the best version of himself at all times.


Strategic Partner

Echelon is the founder of the Ego Verse NFT project on Avalanche and a experienced marketer and joins the team to provide his expertise across social and digital media. He approaches the role as his own and loves being able to help execute the team's vision.


strategic partner

He brings with him a credible track record through his work with P$V - Presale Vanguard of which he is the founder and also WAND Investments where he serves as a Governance Council member. He is responsible for vetting projects based on their merits and is a promoter for improved security throughout the crypto space.


Strategic Partner

Kerry is the founding partner of Cutting Edge Capital (CEC) and as the name suggests, CEC are involved in the development and innovation of proprietary IP and cutting-edge technologies to achieve high financial returns through algorithms in the forex and cryptocurrency markets.


Legal Counsel

As the lead counsel, Mike remains at the forefront of the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. He specializes in the area of Patents and Trademarks and brings with him a wealth of experience built over the past 15 years. Mike is best known for his impressive biceps.


Head of Communications and PR

Igor is an author and copywriter with decades of knowledge and experience in producing highly engaging content for various publications. His background in alternative science and history has helped Igor to grasp the profound implications of the DeFi sector.


Lead Designer

A senior graphics director with over 20 years' experience developing creative concepts for businesses of all sizes, Woong has a special ability to decipher, understand and translate thoughts and ideas into beautiful graphical representations.


Full Stack Developer

Armed with a degree in computer science, Vinset has recently made the transition to work full time in web 3.0 and we're very fortunate to have access to the talent he brings. With sound knowledge and expertise in all facets of development, his all-star ability and integrity has made him an invaluable asset to the team.


Community Moderator

Stuart has a wealth of experience in community development and is a veteran when it comes to participating in DeFi projects and everything Crypto. He is responsible for the onboarding process of new community members to ensure they feel welcomed in a frictionless manner.


community moderator

Coolmusicguy is an experienced community moderator throughout discord and is responsible for ensuring all new members are welcomed and offered support wherever needed. He has a super cool personality and has a passion for DeFi projects and good music.

Our Kingdom is Growing


Applications are accepted via email. You must include a cover letter with a brief description on why you would like to work for us. Written submissions must be kept under 50 words and we will respond directly to shortlisted candidates so there's no need contact us if you have already submitted your EOI.

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